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Recruitment: 1
Salary range:2300-2500

1. Assist in related work;

2. Refine or improve the company's file management level;

3. Assist in the handling of environmental safety and health related work;

4. Safety systematization and preventive improvement.

Job responsibilities:

1. College degree or above, major in Archives, Environmental Resources, Safety Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, etc;

2. Excellent students;

3. Proficient in office software;

4. Sunshine positive, good language skills, strong sense of responsibility.

Recruitment: 1
Salary range: 5500-7500

1. According to the business plan, implement the design of test equipment, improve the test scope and efficiency, and reduce the test cost;

2. Conduct acceptance management for test equipment according to design requirements;

3. Arrange test plans, complete test records and reports, and ensure the accuracy of test results;

4. According to the implementation requirements of the company's new projects, complete the product function test of new projects on time and provide reports;

5. Complete the test on time and provide reports according to the test entrustment requirements of all departments of the company;

6. Formulate maintenance plan for test equipment and perform routine spot inspection and maintenance of test equipment on schedule to ensure stable performance of test equipment;

7. Other work related to the actual insurance room.

Job responsibilities:

1. College degree or above;

2. Major in electrical automation;

3. 2 years of experience in equipment maintenance;

4. Familiar with the application of Mitsubishi PLC, servo and other industrial control products, familiar with electrical drawing and control circuit design;

5. Proficient in office software, basic English reading ability.

Recruitment: 1
Salary range:4000~5000

1. According to the incoming quality inspection requirements of the company, conduct daily incoming sampling inspection of parts and make records to ensure that the products are qualified;

2. Supplier product quality processing: relevant forms, arrangement of full inspection personnel, full inspection records, supplier breakpoint tracking and records;

3. According to the regulations on the management of dead materials, carry out a full inspection of the dead materials and make records to ensure that the products are qualified;

4. Record the defective records according to the incoming material quality regulations;

5. According to the incoming material quality regulations, regularly test the functions of parts and submit reports;

6. Measure and record the full size of new products and changed parts;

7. Measure and record the product dimensions according to the fast reverse regulations;

8. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

Job responsibilities:

1. College degree or above in any major;

2. At least 2 years of incoming material inspection experience in automobile industry;

3. To master the operation of office software;

4. Be able to use three-dimensional elements, calipers, height gauges, etc;

5. Capable of mechanical drawing reading.

Recruitment: 2
Salary range:6000-8000

1. Work related to EPS motor new project development;

2. Customer development related work liaison and communication;

3. According to the requirements of the company and customers, sort out relevant development documents and archive them for review by customers and third parties;

4. Follow up confirmation and implementation of manufacturer's parts development;

5. Organize relevant parties to improve the problem points of sample and test;

6. Investigation and improvement of product problems.

Job responsibilities:

1. College degree or above;

2. CET-4/CET-6, major in machinery, with certain motor knowledge;

3. At least 1 year experience in automotive product development;

4. Be able to read mechanical drawings and skillfully use 3D/2D software;

5. Good English is preferred;

6. Be able to work overtime and travel;

7. Strong communication, organization and coordination ability, strong pressure resistance.

Recruitment: 1
Salary range:2300-2500

1. Be responsible for the confirmation and routing inspection of the first and last parts of the daily manufacturing process (mainly responsible for the foreign matter cleaning test and control);

2. Scheduling and implementation of process audit plan;

3. Confirmation, analysis, countermeasure issuance and follow-up confirmation of process defects;

4. Preparation and revision of the process inspection table;

5. Process finished product test, full size planning and implementation.

Job responsibilities:

1. College degree or above, major in machinery;

2. To master the operation of office software;

3. Master certain theoretical knowledge of mechanical or electrical specialty;

4. Good communication and coordination skills.

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