The most beautiful May, line on the road


        A total of 274 million domestic tourists will be traveling in 2023, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on the third of May.Crowds of people, traffic jams, and even camel riding in some scenic spots are also congested, and even Mount Everest is a sea of people. This series of "crowds" reflects the strong desire of residents to travel after the epidemic. Let's take a look at the May Day holiday sharing among all employees in Taigene.

        Ms.Yang: With the spring breeze, bathing in the spring scenery, the May Day holiday comes lightly, short and beautiful, hasty and fulfilling.

        Day one: Single and chic. Friends accompany, morning visit Baolong, afternoon West Lake, night to explore the food street, can not help but sigh, baby is not around, especially natural and unrestrained!

        The next day: the warmth of the home. The pleasant holiday travel was stopped by the sudden change of the weather, so I had to have a rest at home for one day, my father around the kitchen, my daughter around his father, my son and I sat side by side to watch TV, ordinary also happy!

        Day 3: The joy of the children. Take the children to the children's playground to play, recall to their childhood, also had so carefree. Parent-child time is in a hurry, dusk comes, come happily, fun and return.

        Ms.Li: During the May Day holiday, I chose to take my family to Tianyun Cave in Putian and Muyu Island in Fuqing.

        Tianyun Cave is one of the four dream resorts in Putian. Look at the stone statues on the mountain, all kinds of strange rocks, feel the beautiful scenery of the strange peaks and rocks at the foot, overlooking the vast flat sea in the distance, feel the color of the sea and the sky, the scenery of the mountains and seas.

        With the local residents ferry to the island, the blue sea, the soft golden beach, birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers, children playing on the beach, adults in the hammock in the woods, easy to enjoy the May Day holiday.

        Ms.Jiang: I stayed away from the workplace and enjoy the holiday. During the May Day holiday, I chose to visit Changsha with my friends. I punched in the Yuelu Mountain, Orange Island, Qi Baishi painting exhibition, and felt the different cultural customs. At night, I visit the bustling night market, eat stinky tofu, drink tea, and taste all kinds of Changsha special snacks. Changsha nightlife is rich and very lively. The meaning of travel is to constantly love the world.

        The Taigene annual travel activity is also arranged in May, and there are nine routes to choose from. The staff can bring their family and friends to join the tour group. In this vibrant season, we can set out together and feel the charm of the world.

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