Digitalization promotes Fuzhou Taigene intelligent manufacturing


        Fuzhou Taigene has been vigorously promoting the digital intelligent transformation, and strive to become an intelligent manufacturing factory, under the promotion of the Internet and technology, and finally achieve the whole lean production.

        This year, Fuzhou Taigene all had the opportunity to become one of the government intelligent manufacturing diagnosis support enterprises, the policy is driven by Fuzhou bureau of industry and information technology, digital transformation for the enterprise, appointed intelligent manufacturing experts to provide diagnostic services, in the expert implementation of intelligent manufacturing, crack enterprise in the implementation of intelligent manufacturing transformation technology, talent, management.

        On May 9th, the expert team visited Fuzhou Taigene. All the members of Taigene expressed a warm welcome and hoped that the experts could give them suggestions on intelligent transformation and improve the production and management ability of Taigene. At the first meeting, the two sides introduced each other, and the general manager of Taigene said that "The Times are progressing, and the enterprises are also growing simultaneously. The digital construction should be gradually improved from all aspects of the enterprise, from points, lines and surface to all aspects".

        After the first meeting, the expert team went into the production workshop of Taigene and communicated. After the visit, they began to understand the key links such as procurement, production, logistics, storage, sales, and the heads of all departments of Taigene also actively cooperated with the experts for diagnosis. After understanding the status quo, level and existing problems of The intelligent manufacturing, the expert team began to put forward some improvement directions and suggestions for the intelligent manufacturing from the perspective of automation, digitalization and lean.

        The subsequent expert team will continue to connect with Taigene, further analyze the intelligent manufacturing situation of Taigene in detail, and provide a comprehensive analysis report of Taigene to guide the digital transformation of Taigene.

        On May 11th, Dr. Liu Shiqiang, distinguished professor of "Minjiang Scholar", School of Economics and Management of Fuzhou University, visited Taigene, Fuzhou. Since the adoption of Taihua Expert Workstation in 2022, Taigene has carried out a series of effective research work, especially in the aspects of technological breakthroughs and achievement transformation. As a member of the expert station, Dr. Liu Shiqiang of Fuzhou University, this visit is mainly to understand the production site of Taiwan, investigate the industrial engineering and evaluation of lean software, and help the digital transformation and lean algorithm improvement.

        Intelligent manufacturing is not achieved overnight, it is the process of continuous improvement and improvement in the process of development, Taigene will combine its own reality, deepen digital management, pay attention to the training of relevant talents, and unswervingly promote the high-quality intelligent development of Taigene.