Colorful childhood, happy Children's Day


        When I was a child, I always look forward to the arrival of children's Day, looking forward to the gifts from my parents, looking forward to the school garden activities, looking forward to playing with my friends, in addition to the above expectations, it is worth looking forward to the June 1 gift.

        May 31, the third "care for children's growth journey 鈥斺€ Children's Day" activity with gifts! A total of 438 children will receive gifts from Taigene this year. Among them, the gift of the kindergarten is magnetic pen board or acrylic marker, where children can use their imagination to create paintings freely. Big friends in primary school can choose the multi-functional chess table, play happily with friends, or choose the pen combination set to contract your writing pen for a year.

        In this special day, we will protect the children's dreams together and feel the joy of childlike innocence.