Safe production, you and I go together


        In May 2023, the national "safe production month" activities launched in Beijing, the theme of "everyone speak safety, everyone will emergency", through in-depth publicity xi jinping general secretary about production safety important, we will encourage all local departments and enterprises to establish the concept of safe development with a very clear, strong and firm attitude.

        In order to improve the safety awareness of employees and ensure their life safety, according to the data statistics in 2022, the Taigene environmental education and health training 28 times, a total of 673 people participated in the training. Every month, the safety and health commissioner will conduct inspection in the factory, and the completion rate of the rectification of safety hidden dangers is 100%. In 22 years, 7 safety drills, more than 1000 people participated in safety drills, in 2022,810,000 yuan will be invested in production safety, which has been continuously implemented in 2023. Come and have a look, the following production safety knowledge you understand?

        Safety color: red: prohibited, dangerous; yellow: attention, warning; blue: instruction, regulation; green: pass, safe.

        Safety signs: with the safety color and safety signs, familiar with the safety signs, to prevent danger.

        Chemical storage: keep and use chemicals strictly in accordance with the instructions, without excessive display, and have MSDS (Chemical safety instructions) hanging next to it.

        Production operation: production is strictly implemented according to operation SOP, equipment is maintained in time as required, and equipment can not be produced with disease.

        Forklift driving: The driver of the forklift truck must have a forklift license and wear a qualified helmet when driving the forklift truck. The speed limit outside the plant is 15km/h, and the speed limit inside the plant is 5km/h.

        Labor protection supplies: Wear protective earplugs or earmuffs for noise handling work; wear protective glasses for ultraviolet radiation and splash risk work; and wear a mask for dust work.

        Do you know the above safety knowledge? Safety is no small matter, do the first person responsible for their own safety.