R & D Capacity

Technology Research

Thanks to its diverse and forward-facing visions, the company has proactively expanded its range of technical capabilities and frequently takes part in cross-industry and academic exchanges and cooperation. Furthermore, the company keeps pace with the pulse of future trends in order to properly handle changing global conditions, as well as reach its goal of being connected within foreign markets.

Its “customized” research capability, considerable coordination with clients, flexible reaction and design capabilities, and world-class quality enables the company to offer its clients comprehensive services. It also regularly engages in long-term partnerships with important world-class firms to research advanced motor technologies.

Its smooth connections upstream and downstream together with its vertically integrated system facilitates the company in quickly responding to client needs, whether they are related to silicon steel sheet stamping, casting, machining, assembly, or testing. By adapting its manufacturing processes, to the company improves product quality and lowers production expenses.

The company’s highly precise testing facilities strictly control product quality in a number of categories. It has also enhanced the design and testing capabilities for a variety of its products, bringing about international patents and actual production.